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Glacier Birding Adventures aims to show you the incredible richness of Montana's wild places through individually crafted private birding tours. 

No matter your experience level, Glacier Birding Adventures is here to make the most of your trip. Half-day and full-day tours to find the birds and animals you want to see most, all the while enjoying the vast landscapes that give Montana its nickname "the Big Sky State".

Rainy Lake, Montana

Joshua Covill - bird guide and owner

cloud-forest of Bolivia, Dec 2018


Birding is when I am at my happiest, no matter where in the world I am.

About Glacier Birding Adventures

I'm Joshua Covill, and I have lived in Montana for the majority of my life. I am really lucky to call this place home and to have grown up birding here.
I started leading local birding field trips when I was 14 years old, and now 14 years later, I am a guide and field trip leader for different birding festivals around the country.

After returning from my first trip to South America, I realized that no one offered custom birding trips in Montana! With my passion for birds and the joy I get from sharing birds with others, I knew I had to start a birding tour company to share the wonderful birds of this place with people!

I am proud to offer individually crafted birding tours around Montana! I want to show you the birds and landscapes that I fell in love with and why I think Montana is still "The Last Best Place".

Highline Trail in July, Glacier National Park

Let's go birding!

Joshua Covill

Glacier Birding Adventures 

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